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xxxx Subaru Forester in excellent condition, with a new re-manufactured and warrantied engine and a body, frame, and interior in garage-kept unbelievably good shape. VIN # JF1SGxxxx6Hxxxx59. One small ding on the driver door (see photo) is absolutely it! We are the second owners (no evidence of anyone ever smoking in it), who yes, yes, had the classic Subaru head gasket blow-out last fall, and while it was being worked on had to buy a replacement vehicle, which is why we are selling what is now an extra car. Let our extra car be your good luck!The engine is from SSI Subie Specialists, warrantied til February, xxxx. We just did the required xxxx-mile new-engine oil change, driving it to this point to make sure that hoses, fittings, timing, and all that is solid. It is inspected through March xxxx (and passed its emissions test - that pesky oxygen sensor issue - with flying colors). We have all records, all paperwork, all receipts. This Forester a very well-running, well-cared for car with 130,150 miles on its odometer, and xxxx miles on its engine.? Re-manufactured Subaru 2.5 SHOC Engine, xxxx miles, warrantied til February, xxxx - SSI Subie Specialistso New crankshafto New pistonso New rod and main bearingso New head gasketo New cam seals, front and rear crankshaft sealso Re-conditioned headso Valve cover gasketso New timing belt and componentso New water pump? New radiator, Winter xxxx? New belts, pulleys, caps, hoses, Winter xxxx? Wheel Alignment May, xxxx - Tiretown? Snow tires are on it right now, on newly professionally re-painted wheels. If you'd like, for an extra $500 or so, we'll throw in a complete extra set of wheels and great all-season tires purchased (Tiretown) May xxxx, that have less than 2,500 miles on them! VIN # JF1SGxxxx6Hxxxx59.Please ?reply with the VIN or enough detail in your email to differentiate you from those scammers. Include your name, phone number and good time for me to reach you!